James Kennedy – Make Anger Great Again

Konic Records       release: September 25, 2020

Wow, what an angry piece of Rock’n’Roll – but we truly need to hear this one. Because 1. if you haven’t been following the news and did NOT get angry, something must be really wrong with you… 2. Great singer, great song ideas 3. it’s nice somebody else wraps your emotions into music and words, hence listening to it provides pleasure on multiple levels. James Kennedy provides us with ear-candy on Alternative Rock basis, sometimes drifting into Pop-Rock area, sometimes adopting Metal or even Metal-Core vibes. And from the first notes it’s clear that this is truly a professional who knows his shit and doesn’t fiddle around. Straight forward Rock with an attitude that does not take prisoners. Kennedy, multi-instrumentalist and former singer of the now disbanded alt rock band ‘Kyshera’, does not mince his words either. The song ‘Outragers’ for example „goes after the conspiracy theorists, virtue signallers, trolls, the offended, the censors, the radicals and everyone who is just way too sure of their own noise.” So you either like this album or you don’t, there’s no middle ground. And I like it. Check the videos below which gives a good impression of the album – and whether you agree with me or not.

PS: Kennedy will publish his debut book Noise Damage: My Life As A Rock ‘n’ Roll Underdog by Eye Books on 18 October 2020. From South Wales, James Kennedy is a multi-instrumentalist with a Top 50 best-selling album, several million song streams and over half a million online followers. Through his band and solo releases, James has written a wide range of styles including experimental, acoustic, electronic, alternative & orchestral. Hearing impaired due to childhood surgery, he is also an ambassador for several charities as well as speaking on panels and writing articles on a wide range of issues including mental health, the music industry and politics.

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The music video to Outragers was shot on the streets of Newport, South Wales during lockdown:

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