STALKER Magazine – how it all began

In 2003, Samira Alinto had the idea to found a bilingual print magazine named “STALKER – inside out of rock´n roll”, published in German and English language, printed in pocket-size and dedicated to topics around rock, metal and lifestyle. She also founded the publishing company Stalker publishing GmbH in order to release STALKER magazine to the European market, and she also acted as editor-in-chief.

The print version of STALKER was distributed between February 2004 until March 2005  (circulation between 32.000 and 50.000) in six Northern European countries. In December 2004 the CD reviews were outsourced to the website, in order to have more room for new columns in the print magazine, which should become the foundation for the future online magazine

E-STALKER – you can download the 2004-2005 print magazines HERE – for free!

The anniversary of Stalker magazine was celebrated on January 15, 2005 in form of a huge live event at Markthalle Hamburg, featuring the live acts Anathema, Finntroll, The Skreppers, The Traceelords and Hate Squad.

Due to financial difficulties and the publishing company going bankrupt, the print version of the magazine was stopped in August 2005  and the previously additional website became the (non-profit) main product, and in 2006 Klaudia Weber took on the task as the new editor-in-chief.

Just like the former print magazine, presents  everything that has to do with (mainly but not exclusively) Rock / Metal music, e.g. reviews of CDs, DVDs, books and movies, interviews, festival reports and special features (e.g. tour diaries).

Remarkable are the varieties of interview styles at besides “normal interviews”, musicians talk to a reporter while sitting in a Sauna (“Sauna Rockers”), „7 deadly sins-interviews”, where interview partners (mainly musicians) reflect on their opinion or their personal connection with 7 deadly sins, or “Gibberish” which features musicians talking with each other, without having a reporter interfering.

Since May 2010 the website also presents video interviews called „Video Stalker“, thanks to the cooperation with Finnish Magazine. After this magazine vanished, produced their own video interviews and published them on the new YouTube channel.

Most entries refer to well-known bands in the scene; however, attempts to support newcomers extensively, giving underground festivals like German Building A Force, NGOs like Swiss Metalophobia or underground club tours some extra attention and promotion. Every month a new „Fresh Act“ = unsigned band is featured. The new Video-Stalker section follows the same idea rather to support newcomer acts.

Although a major part of content covers the scene in Scandinavia (editor-in-chief Klaudia Weber is living in Helsinki, Finland) and in Germany, where most of the reporter staff is located, the magazine enjoys an international and constantly increasing audience, thanks to the bilingual presentation and contributors all over Europe and even overseas.

In autumn 2013, the website rights were transferred to Klaudia Weber, and finally in summer 2015 the project “new website” could be completed – welcome to!