U.D.O. & Das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr – We Are One

Label: AFM Records  Playing Time: 75 Min  Release 17th July 2020


This is the 17th (!) Studio Album of the German Heavy Metal legends U.D.O. !

And it is a very special one in multiple ways. First of all, the most obvious: The songs do not deal with war, steel factories or other Heavy Metal-typical topics. Instead, pretty much all songs (12 plus 3 instrumental songs) deal with the survival of our planet problems in our world like poverty, pollution and injustice. The other untypical point is almost equally obvious. It is not only a regular studio album, it is a collaboration of the band with the Music Corpse of the German Armed Forces. The band has already recorded a live album with them (called “Navy Metal Night”, released in 2015). But if you think of a typical orchestra / Heavy Metal collaboration, you are wrong. The Music Corpse uses mainly brass, woodwinds and drums instead of the usual strings. Therefore the songs have a much different vibe than other Metal / orchestra productions. Instead of sweet strings gluing all together, it sounds much more like marching music. The last difference to mention in comparison to other U.D.O. albums is the pop appeal of the songs. Most songs are mid tempo, there are no heavy guitar riffs, but instead a lot of catchy tunes.

“We Are One” sounds totally different to most other Heavy Metal albums, it sounds new and exciting. If you open your mind to it, you will discover a bunch of very well done, catchy songs. I especially recommend ‘Future Is The Reason Why’, ‘Children of the World’ (including a children choir) and ‘Blindfold’, a power ballad with female vocals. I am curious about future shows featuring this collaboration!

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

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