Archive: 2014 – 2005

We are currently busy to transfer all the older (most important) reports – before the year 2015 when this new STALKER website was born – into this new setting. And a lot of our personal Best-Of since 2005 has already been copied here.

When looking for something particular in the archive: please use the search mode and key words (e.g. the name of a band, a venue, a festival, a city), a category (e.g. CD, interview, concert) and/or the publishing year.

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Those old reports contain text and text illustrations only. Due to different programming formats on both websites, we simply cannot provide proper start photos for all those old reports. However, we are working on an option to make older photo galleries accessible, just in case those old links in those archive texts should no longer work (we cannot go and correct all of them by hand, sorry). You can find many festival photos from our archive already on our Flickr page!

– the editors –