Warkings, Hammer King & Victorius @ Z7

12.04.2024 @ Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

AVE PRATTULUS! AVE Tribune, Spartan, Crusader, Viking and Lady Morgana Le Fay, the people of Prattulus pay homage to their Warkings. Today we embark on a journey through time, which is already evident at the entrance, even a giant predator has arrived and prances through the crowd. However, this creature has most likely come for the openers of tonight’s show.

Victorius are the first tonight and with their Dinosaur Warfare-Legend of the Power Saurus they are probably responsible for the fact that a T-Rex is jumping and dancing wildly in our midst – and remains being ‘m’ignored by the band. Too bad, I would have put the dancing dinosaur on stage with them, he might have been able to interact better with the audience. I’m already familiar with the guys from back then when their on stage dresscode was more everyday life. Now they appear in good-looking golden armor; a good approach, but in my opinion a bit too cheaply done. The same applies to the coats of arms in the background for the stage set. I recommend to gather advice from good cosplayers, they can make these things actually look like metal or wood and don’t scream Worbla or foam rubber. Well, but maybe it’s intentional and you shouldn’t take it too seriously! Musically, however, the guys are original, apparently they’ve been watching too much Pokemon or DragonBallz and decided to set the whole thing to metal. They do that quite well and the audience is also on their side. However, I would like to see a bit more interaction with the crowd from Victorius, then nothing will stand in their way to victory.


After a short changeover, we get to Hammer King. Well…..what can I say… they have a lot of fans in the audience …. but I won’t be ….. Vocals were okay, music as well, but the lyrics are certainly not a strong point with all those repetitions of Hammer King, King Hammer …yes, at some point we’ll know your name. Apart from that, I can say that these guys manage to inspire their audience, because they themselves simply enjoy this music.

Now it’s finally AVE Prattulus. Hail Warkings. The Tribune and his followers are ready for a big show. There’s something for the ears with rousing riffs and lyrics and also interaction with the audience: they talk to people, even finally mention the poor, now exhausted dinosaur and make a joke or two on the side. Isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s not just the music, people want a live experience and not a band that only stands there as if they’re having a band practice without any other people in the room. Naturally, the biggest cheers from the audience go to Lady Morgana Le Fay, who spices things up with her growls. She adds to the show with her dresses and, during one song, with huge white angel wings. A lady in a tight little dress is allowed to ride across the audience on the biggest cockring, which she clearly enjoys, and one of the youngest fans from the crowd is allowed on stage to find out what it’s like to stand in front of so many people. The band simply knows what entertainment is about and ends the evening with a great show.

Sandy Mahrer

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