Blind Channel @ Alcatraz, Milano

April 15, 2024, Tour support Ghøstkid, Rock Band From Hell

What is the best thing to do on a boring Monday evening in Italy? Grab your lucky ticket and go to see an incredible talented band from Finland – Blind Channel. It’s quite rare to see Alcatraz club open on Monday and hosting any big shows, so this evening it was very hot inside. Last time when Blind Channel played in Italy at Legend club, all tickets were sold out in no time, due to a small capacity of the place. So this time we were very lucky to see them at one of the biggest venues in Milan.

Blind Channel have just released their 5th album “Exit Emotions” on March 1st 2024 and started the European tour right away. As an opening act for the tour, the guys invited the German metal band GHØSTKID and the Finnish rockers ROCK BAND FROM HELL. Due to some circumstances, GHØSTKID were not able to perform that evening, which gave an opportunity for Rock Band From Hell to play a longer set. And they rocked it hard, plus it was their debut show in Italy.


But when Blind Channel hit the stage, the crowd just exploded. To be honest, over the years of watching the shows in Italy and especially at Alcatraz club, I have never seen so many ladies in the audience, as well as teenagers with their parents and even grandparents. In fact, it’s quite an interesting thing that at this concert the amount of the girls in the crowd exceeded the amount the girls in the crowd at HIM concerts when they played at Alcatraz few years ago.

Another surprising thing, despite the fact that Italian people usually don’t speak decent English, this evening everybody in the crowd could sing along with Blind Channel and knew every word of every song.
It was a pleasant surprise that the guys performed a slow lyrical song from the new album: Die another day. This beautiful song was co-written with British singer RØRY and I honestly didn’t expect they will perform it without her. But luckily Joonas picked up the RØRY vocal parts and the guys made an amazing performance. I saw some girls in the audience crying during this song.

Needless to say that many fans will be waiting for Blind Channel to come to Italy again, these guys always bring a great energy and deliver a fantastic show.

Starla Larsson

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