MIDGARD – Tales Of Kreia

Label: Sliptrick records     Release date: August 2020

This Folk Metal band from Ukraine releases their third full-length album named Tales Of Kreia. Unlike the previous two albums, Tales Of Kreia is specifically written within a fantasy setting and every song is endowed with different moods. Hearty Melodic Death / Thrash in high speed and fitting evil growls is mixed with melodic groove, acoustic parts, traditional ethnic instruments and clean folk chants. In other words, the whole thing is so diverse and creative that a straight-forward Metal song like Black Widow seems odd. Midgard use a lot of different genre elements yet in an unusual setting. When you hear, for example, a Folk intro with female operatic voice, you might expect a symphonic epic – yet what comes is rather fitting into a “sinister Hardrock” category. I cannot understand the lyrics which are – according to band info – raising a variety of philosophical issues about life and death. However, band name and song titles suggest a Tolkien-based story line, and the music – e.g. this epic ear candy ballad Elven Blade – take you quickly on a virtual trip to Middle Earth … highly recommended!

Track Listing:
01. Necromancer | 02. The Horde | 03. Velmehazerun Dolian | 04. The Ring | 05. Dworf King | 06. Keeper Of Freedom | 07. Reaper | 08. Elven Blade | 09. The Hunt | 10. Black Widow | 11. Ice Spirit

Midgard are:
Klym Apalkov – Vocals | Roman Kuznietsov – Guitars | Alexandr Kudryavtsev – Drums | Maxim Shatilo – Bass

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Midgard - The Horde (Live 2020)

  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

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