Abhorrence / Corpse Molester Cult

24.3.2018 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, FIN

The Svart Death Night #4 offered indeed a special evening with Finnish legends Abhorrence and Corpse Molester. When musicians who are rather used to huge venues and stadiums enjoy “unleashing the beast” in a small underground club, you can be sure they are musicians out of passion, not for the big bucks… In case you want to find out more about the history / background of those bands, I recommend this BOOK

Corpse Molester Cult have been dedicated to Old School Death Metal of the Swedish variation since 2005, which they let rip right after an intro to teach you Finnish swearwords. Antti Åström growled like hell to a sound that – like Entombed – is heavy enough to rip your ears off but still provides appealing grooves. Because of the light situation in the club and on stage it took half the set until I realized that it was indeed Tomi Joutsen on guitar … this band has only one EP on the market which you can check out HERE .

The Finnish Death Metal legends Abhorrence had returned to the live scene in 2013 with a couple of live shows, because Amorphis guitarero and Abhorrence-founder/mastermind Tomi Koivusaari had some time off. The reason why there was some excitement in the air: New material of this band will be released soon, and the crowd at Kuudes Linja could enjoy some of it already (The Four Billion Year Dream, The End Has Already Happened, Anthem for the Anthropocene). In comparison with the early stuff, those songs seem to be a bit more Doom-experimental, less Grind-blastbeaty, but let’s await the EP Megalohydrothalassophobic scheduled to be out in autumn via Svart Records. Whether the band can be enjoyed live soon once again is a bit uncertain, because it’s not only depending on the Amorphis schedule – since 2016 drummer Waltteri Väyrynen (Paradise Lost, Vallenfyre) completes the line-up … However, you can always enjoy the awesome Tuska-gig as live recording ( Completely Vulgar , Svart release 2017) …


Klaudia Weber

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