FAUN / Emian @ Tavastia Klubi

7. 3. 2023 Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki, Finland

German pagan-folk band FAUN is known for their love to old fairy tales and lore – not just Nordic but actually coming from all around the globe. This gig has finally happened, being moved for a while during Covid, and Italian duo Emian is acting as a support.
FAUN looks and sounds pretty medieval, but does not hesitate to bring electronic and computer sound into the mix. Other bands opt for a somewhat more purist approach, only adding electronic postprocessing but relying on natural instruments and sounds.



The Italian duo was pretty much fun to watch. It felt like amount of people on stage should actually be bigger, but a considerable amount of music was played from a record – as the duo produces various tracks themselves and does not rely on session musicians. Still, the band was a solid warm-up, Anna Cefalo always smiling and explaining the origin of each composition. It is indeed interesting that the pagan folk, mostly associated with Nordic bands, finds its way to more Southern countries. One of the prominent specifics for the band is the Celtic harp that Anna plays in most songs. It was definitely a very heartwarming performance.


Oliver S. Tyr was open about how he’s happy to be touring after the pandemic. Faun is mostly acoustic style and does not try to entrance you like a heavyweight act such as Wardruna or Heilung. It’s more like a medieval carnival or a merry celebration in a natural setting, just in line with their fantasy music videos. FAUN tour is dedicated to their latest album “Pagan” published about a year ago. The album merchandise features, among other things, a beautiful 100-page book filled with commentary, pagan beliefs, and beautiful art collected from some established artists – such as Brian Froud (an artist behind the cult movie Labyrinth). I maybe will never actually play a CD, but I consciously purchased the book as a way to get a better idea on FAUN’s ideas. The setlist contained a healthy mix of old hits and new songs (including just released Ylfa Spere). The concert did not feel like you are about to spiritually connect with your Viking ancestors, if any, right from the club floor, but it was very lighthearted and generated genuine warm feelings.

Askar Ibragimov

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