Random Eyes – Grieve No More

Label: Rock’n’Growl    Release: 19.01.2018

Singer Christian Palin, hailing from Uruguay, seems to have a good run at the moment. Besides the fourth studio album of his band, Random Eyes, he also recently released his other band’s debut album: Panorama’s “Around the world”. Nowadays, he lives in Helsinki, Finland, and Random Eyes have been part of his musical development since 2003. For fans of Panorama, this band might not be what they hope for. Random Eyes is totally different from Panorama: the band is much harder, more modern and blends all kinds of music genres – you can even hear some growls here and there. Obviously, Palin also feels at home with this heavier music.

He proves that his voice can do “Metal” as well and that growls are no problem for him. There are ten songs on “Grieve No More”, which occasionally sound a bit chaotic but still, they have something very unique. No matter whether it’s AOR or Metal, I am very surprised about Palin’s vocal range. The only question is: which band is his number one priority, the one that contains more of his heart and soul. Anyway, I can only recommend to listen to “Damnation” – a melodic song with great guitar solos – and “Scar”, which sounds as if one or two guest singers would share vocal duties with Palin. Unfortunately, there’s no information about that but either way, these two are surely the album’s hit songs.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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