Shiraz Lane – Carnival Days

Label: Frontiers Vö/Release: 23.02.2018

Already with their debut “For Crying out Loud”, which was released in April 2016, the young Finns attracted a great deal of attention. It was pretty clear that they could be the next Finnish export hit, just as Negative or Sunrise Ave before. If they really get that far is not yet clear, what is clear, though, is that their music is well received. Not only by their local fans as you could see during their European tour, supporting Brother Firetribe last autumn, where many fans came just to see them.

On stage, Shiraz Lane sets free a huge amount of positive energy and, of course, they do that on their Carnival Days album, too. The five baby-faced musicians deliver music, people really want: modern Hard Rock beats, which are catchy as hell. And this is true from the first to the eleventh song on the album. There’s no disappointment here and we can only wonder where they got all their talent from. It doesn’t sound like a copy of something, they really created something truly unique, sound- and style-wise. I’m deeply impressed with both the band’s playing skills and Hannes Klett’s vocals.

Frontiers must have a sixth sense, signing these boys right away before they get too famous. I can’t say anymore than: “Carnival Days” is THE feel-good-album of the year. A great record, which couldn’t have been bone any better. Excellent work from Shiraz Lane and producer Per Aldenheim.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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