Sinbreed – Master Creator

Label: AFM Records     Playing Time: 45 Min     Release: 26th February 2016


Two years ago, Sinbreed completely  blew me away with their “Shadows” album and this enthusiasm still continues. So I was very curious about “Master Creator”. Could they make again a first class album although meanwhile Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) left the band ?

A question that I can answer with “Yes, but…”: Songs like ‘Creation of Reality’, ‘Across the Great Divide’ and the title track convince with their fast guitar riffs, the powerful drumming and rough vocals of Herbie Langhans (those who know him only from his Avantasia appearance on ‘Draconian Love’ will not recognize him). In addition there are catchy choruses, which need their time to fuse. So everything is like it was.

And now the “But…”: Sinbreed added some new facets to their sound. ‘At the Gate’ is something like a (Power-)Ballad, ‘Moonlit Night’, which is also featured with a video, has some calmer parts giving it a nice dynamic, and the final ‘On the Run’ features a quite Pop-style chorus although the guitars are heavily riffing.

And there is also a 2nd “But…”: The density of possible hits is lower than on “Shadows”. ‘Last Surivor’ and ‘The Voice’ are quite obsolete in my opinion. In return, the hit songs of this album, the above mentioned ‘Moonlit Night’ and ‘The Riddle’ can not mess with ‘Bleed’ or ‘Call to Arms’. But “Master Creator” is nevertheless a well-done album worth buying!

  • 7.5/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 7.5/10

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