The K.: Burning Pattern Etiquette

Release: 10.06.2016 Label: Jaune Orange/Finest Noise

“Burning Pattern Etiquette” is already the second album from Belgium’s The K. This second record is, however, my first contact with the band. Since they have already played gigs across Europe and even at the Jazz Festival in Montreux, my expectations are naturally quite high. Musicwise, I would describe them as Progressive Rock – they themselves say they do Noise Rock/Post Punk. As you would expect from a Noise Rock band, The K.’s songs are all very chaotic, which is totally not my cup of tea but I have heard worse. And the songs that go more into the Punk direction are actually really good, as for example “Priggish”. Overall, the songs are quite melancholic, which make them not so easy to listen to after a while. Sébastien von Landau’s vocals show great variety, though, and he clearly knows how to use his voice, all the time adapting it to the music – sometimes crazy, sometimes fragile. The threesome also shows that they are brave enough to experiment. Whether you like this, is a different matter. “Burning Pattern Etiquette” might not be for everyone but there is a large fan community for this kind of music. If you like to hear something new for a change, why not give this record a chance.

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

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