Bad ManKeys: Case Conflict

Release: 15.07.2016 Label: none

“Case Conflict” is the first album of Finnish band Bad ManKeys, hailing from Kouvola. The small city in the south-east of Finland already produced many bands and this one sounds really promising, too. Their music is Hard Rock mixed with Funk influences and you can hear quite a lot of those elemens on the album. Interestingly, the band released the album on their own. And those who buy the album can look forward to ten groovy, cool songs with catchy lyrics and guitar riffs that invite to dance and sing along. Somehow Bad ManKeys bring a fresh breeze to the usual melancholic music landscape of the cold north. Refreshing, young, uniting lots of different styles – that’s exactly what’s needed up there. Teddy Tender’s voice plays with the music and if he now also shows some talent on live stages, he surely is the perfect cast as a frontman. Musicwise, the band experiment with harmonies, riffs and various grooves, so that it never gets boring but, occasionally, it’s all a bit too much to pay attention to. One can even hear a Saxophone somewhere. The last song “Kiss me Deadly” is a nice surprise – somehow it’s very different from the other songs but it still fits to the album, very well done. “Case Conflict” is a very good debut album and I really hope we soon hear and see more from Bad ManKeys. This surely is a band you should keep an eye on.

  • 8.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8.5/10

Sandy Mahrer

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