Devil’s Gun – Dirty ‘n’ Damned

Label: Black Lodge   Release: 29th. April 2016   Playing Time: 34 Min  


Devil’s Gun are a quite young Band from Växjö / Sweden. The five band members do actually have a Heavy Metal background and they call Accept their main influence. Maybe the songs on “Dirty ‘n’ Damned” are a bit influenced by early Accept riffs, but their main influence is Australian Rock like AC/DC and Airbourne play. First of all, this comparison comes up because of Joakim Hermanssons vocals. He sounds like a brother of Brian Johnson or Airbourne’s Joel O’ Keefe. But also the music  – drumming and guitar riffs – remind me of the 2 bands mentioned.

But the guys cannot enthuse me with their stuff. On the one hand, it is due to the simple songwriting (playing time between 2:06 and 4:20 says enough). On the other hand it is due to the lack of ear candy. ‘Spitfire’ works very well and the opener ‘Hot Rock City’ is also okay. All the rest is simply obsolete. So this “beer-drinking debut album” (quote from the band) may be suitable as a background soundtrack for beer drinking, but it won’t work for more.

  • 5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 5/10

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