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Till you Die

Author: Nicole Müller    already released

Sometimes there is no need for big words to tell stories, to touch the heart or to make someone else understand. Nicole Müller is a Swiss painter, who usually focuses on Marvel Superheroes/heroines or Disney characters. We presented her art and her personality in a feature story in May 2020 – you can find the interview  here .

Inspired by her own kids, she recently also became an author and created with “Till you Die” her first illustrated book. With a slightly darker tone, the book points out that one should be careful with the hearts of others, because they can break easily, and also that one better take care of their own hearts. Mobbing is a crucial topic and it’s important that you teach your children – and also adults- how to interact with other people.

Those lovely illustrations of a little girl and her sidekick make people understand without many words what the author wants to convey with her book. The dedication to her children at the end I personally like the most. Not everyone has learned how to speak with their hearts, but Nicole knows how to hit the heart with her wonderful paintings.

You can order a copy of “Till you Die” at  and let’s be looking forward to more great releases by Nicole in the future.


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