Schandmaul / Burn

A quite ill-omened concert: Originally it should have taken place two months earlier, but it was re-scheduled due to vocalist Thomas´ laryngitis (plus 5 concerts more). Now it takes place on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday evening, but, again, the crew is not quite fit: violinist Anna is replaced by Tobias of Fidder`s Green because of having a baby, flutist Birgit is also heavily pregnant, but can still climb up the stage and Thomas is plagued by a lumbago. All in all not very good conditions for a successful show…

Due the re-scheduled show some tickets were returned. So, in comparison to many other concerts of the tour, this one is not sold out. But before Munster can enjoy Schandmaul, the local band Burn enters the stage. Until today I haven´t heard anything about this band and now I can say, that I did not miss a thing. Their easy listening rock has neither shape nor edges, nothing remains to be remembered. But it does not hurt either, so Burn get some applause as they finish their show after 40 minutes.

After a really short change over, the lights go up for Schandmaul who enter the stage. They warm up with a short instrumental, before they really speed up with `Auf hoher See`, `Herren der Winde` and `Hexeneinmaleins`. But initially the audience is still a bit reserved, maybe due to this day in the middle of the week, or the wide variety of ages in the audience) or due to the Westphalian detachment? But Thomas is experienced enough to get the audience warmed up. When the band playes `Hofnarr` and `Wolfsmensch´ the audience becomes even more relaxed, but the singalong parts of `Vogelfrei` and `Geb Acht` do the rest. Now the crowd is ready for the encores. `Das Teufelsweib` is really great today and I never heard Munster singing as loud as they do when Schandmaul play `Dein Anblick`. I really appreciate that the guys also perform the really old instrumental `Sturmnacht` today. After 2 hours, 7 encores and 23 songs in total the final curtain falls. Respect, there are many bands that cannot play such a long show even when they are all fit and healthy.

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