Turmion Kätilöt @ Markthalle Hamburg

08.02.2023, Markthalle Hamburg

You can find the gallery of the show HERE

In the middle of yet another working week, in the wet and cold Hamburg – it´s already dark when the short queue in front of Markthalle is finally being able to walk up the stairs into the warmth of the venue, just to be facing yet another closed door to the core of the venue. It´s kinda been increasing the excitement, and rather quickly the early birds were able to score their preferred spot in the venue: this has mostly been one as close to the as possible.

As quite many shows of the not so big names in the music business have had to handle rather empty venues, I was once again worried this evening might just be getting in line – and unfortunately I was right. Luckily the venue got a bit more crowded after Bloodred Hourglass had finished their set, but even then it´s been a better choice to point the lights on the stage and not on the audience as the venue still was not even half full. Those who were there this evening and had shown a grest taste in music, those visibly had a good time – and that right from the very start on.

The evening started with the already mentioned Bloodred Hourglass, who were on the tour as a support act. Some of the guests in the audience were there just for them, as the band had to cancel their small headliner show in Hamburg last year, and so quite a few fans now used the chance to see them nevertheless. The bandmembers presented themselves a bit insecure, you were clearly able to see that the logn break thanks to the pandemic and therefore touring bread had an influence on the performance now. It just didn´t seem as natural to e on stage as it might´ve once felt.

They needed some time to get going and warm up, but the good mooded audience helped them to get the feeling – time flew by and you were able to tell that it´s been a good start into the evening. The first night of a tour always has been coming with this feeling of something new, no matter how much time you´re spending on stage performing – nevertheless you should always be giving it all, and that´s also not been an issue here. The hair was flying, the communication with the audience worked and they were able to leave the stage with a smile and happy feelings.

The more time of the change over had already passed, the happier the audience became – and then, finally: Turmion Kätilöt conquered the stage. It´s not been as crowded as the guys would´ve deserved it to be in the audience, but that didn´t matter for anyone present: the band rocked the stage even more than usual (it´s the bonud when it´s the first night and the batteries are still fully loaded), the audience was going strong with their headbanging and dancing, a few fans were even caught singing along! The latter one, the singing along, is something that could still be improved – in other countries the audience also manages to sing along the German lyrics. Maybe the show was an inspiration to sit down and get into learning the lyrics a tiny little bit.

No need for learning lyrics or how to write a setlist, that´s what Turmion Kätilöt have – one strong track was played after the other one rocked your socks off, no chance to calm down and take a breathe. Well, maybe during the little humorous and full of play on words song announcements – the bits of finnish humor made you rather laugh or smirk than breathe and then the little breaks were over already and the show continued.

And it continued with a great mix of songs off their latest album “Omen X”, such as “Gabriel” or the very welcomed “Isä Meidän”, but we´ve made quite a trip through their whole discography, thus old(er) songs like “Pyhä mää” also had their chance to make the crowd go happy and wild.

Afte rthe show I looked into sweaty but happy faces – the band has turned the evening into a quite hot time at Markthalle, and won everyone over with their humor, charme, performance and simply great music. Critical words? I searched for them, and failed at finding any. And also from my side, there is just one thing left to say: thumbs up, and let´s please repeat this often and soon!


Setlist Bloodred Hourglass
Drag me the rain
Waves of black
Tell me about yesterday tomorrow
In lieu of flowers
The unfinished story
Nightmares are dreams too
Where the sinners crawl

Setlist Turmion Kätilöt
Pirun nyrkki
Verta ja lihaa
Isä meidän
Vie se pois
Grand ball
Dance panique
Viha ja rakkaus
Kuolettavia vammoja
Käy tanssiin
Pyhä maa

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