Laurenne / Louhimo – The Reckoning

Label: Frontiers Records      Release Date: 10.09.2021

Both artists are Finnish female rock voices whose careers went high up during the past years, and now they got together for a project. Battle Beast Superwoman Noora Louhimo and Smackbound Star Netta Laurenne deliver with “ The Reckoning” a typical Frontiers cooperation, just this time it features two women.

The songs are all written by Netta and her husband Nino Laurenne who’s luckily also the owner of the Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki and known as guitarist, songwriter and mastermind of Thunderstone. The both wrote together ten great songs, where one immediately can hear that there is a Laurenne guitar playing.

Surely we have on one side Louhimo, one of the best performers Finnland has to offer and her Band Battle Beast delivers hit after hit and sells out concert halls quickly. On the other side we have Netta Laurenne who is better known in Finland than outside Finnish borders. Her record with Smackbound got great feedback, but there was no tour with the band so they need to work hard not to be  forgotten during the pandemic live culture crisis. Yes for me it seems that this is a clever promotion for Smackbound too. But the main thing should be that the music on this album is great.

And it is. The voice of Louhimo is incredible and yes, unfortunately Netta’s a bit pushed into the background. Which shouldn’t imply that Netta is not a great singer, but it is hard to sing with someone like Noora. But anyway, they both do a great job. “Striking like A Thunder” or even the slow “Hurricane Love” are awesome. Those are all great songs to sing along with catchy melodies and great guitar riffs.

A well done Metal Album of two Finnish Power women that everyone should listen to and buy.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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