Anette Olzon – Strong

Label: Frontiers Records     Release Date: 10.09.2021

In 2014, Anette Olzon, who we probably all still know from Nightwish, released her debut album. Until then I wasn’t a big fan of the Swede’s voice, but on her Solo Album “Shine” all just fitted so perfectly together, it couldn’t have been better. In the meantime the lady was busy with her project The Dark Element.

Now 7 years later, I am patiently listening to a way heavier album than “Shine” was. Mhhh…. Anette and Metal, that is exactly what does not fit together considering her voice, at least for my taste. But the cooperation with Magnus Karlsson delivered eleven good Songs that do quite okay with her voice. “Shine” had more diversity – Anettes voice could be heard in different styles, which is something that I miss now here and I just think that the pop sound fits her better. But Johan Husgafvel adds some growl vocals to some songs so that there is some variety.

But still there are a few good songs on “Strong” which you shouldn’t be missing out on. Melodic Metal with Abba vocals is for once something different, right?

  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

Sandy Mahrer

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