Angelica Rylin – All I am

Label: Frontiers Records    Release: 06.11.2020

Murder of my Sweet front lady Angelica Rylin is back with her new Solo Album “All I am”, seven years after her solo-debut “Thrive”. We are not really at Melodic Rock genre anymore on the new record “All I am”, at least when compared with “Thrive”. The modern elements are more dominant, especially at the beginning of the record, but that’s not bad, because it actually sounds more authentic than the debut album. Or maybe she has just developed her style into another direction. And for Melodic Rock fans there is still enough of the typical genre elements. But what remains the same is the fact that the album holds no surprises. The vocals and the songs are just predictable.

But…. Still you will find eleven great songs, which she performs at her best. This time other musicians joined her side to record this album, and you can indeed hear that, I’d say. Next to Murder of my Sweet colleague Daniel Flores, there are Mr. Pedro Camargo on acoustic guitar and Mr. Michael Palace on guitar and bass. Here and there I am still missing the diversity, but overall you will find real nice songs on this album.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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