Lucifer – Lucifer II

Century Media Records (Sony Music) release: 6.7.2018
The second release, lots of well-known names in the line-up and classic Rock, that sounds promising. Johanna Sadonis (ex – The Oath) created Lucifer with the aim of channeling her love of the dark and bewitching heavy rock of the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Inspired by classic bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Blue Öyster Cult to Steppenwolf, (70’s) Heart and Fleetwood Mac, she has now teamed up with none other than Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric) as songwriting partner for the second album Lucifer II . Nicke also plays bass, drums and half of the guitar parts on the recording.

Therefore my expectations were high but those were only partly met. Yes, the opener California Son kicks ass, and the following Stoner / Psychedelic Rock songs put you into a certain groove … but then after the third, fourth track it all sounds way too alike, seems like one big never-ending song. Then only Eye in the Sky, Aton and the final Faux Pharao offer more diversity and I have to mention the really well-done Rock ballad Before The Sun too. Ok I’m Stoner Rock expert and perhaps genre fans enjoy what I don’t like … still, not quite as expected, I would have gladly given more points…

Johanna Sadonis – Vocals
Nicke Andersson – Drums
Robin Tiderbrink – Guitar
Martin Nordin – Live Guitar
Alexander Mayr – Live Bass

Lucifer online:

  • 6.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 6.5/10

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