Cruzh – Tropical Thunder

Label: Frontiers Records     Release Date: 06.08.2021

Finally Alex Waghorn can be heard on a album again. How was I disappointed when he left Reach shortly after their first release. Now he is finally back with a band again, formed by former members of Swedish Glam Rock act TrashQueen. Anton Joensson on Guitar, Dennis Dutabi Borg on Bass and Matt Silver on Drums.

2019 they showed their fans a video with an acoustic version of their song “Aim For the Head”, sung by Waghorn. Two years afterwards they finally release a record with the singer at Frontier Records.

The band has departed from its Glam Rock days and now delivers Melodic Rock, emotional vocals without big ado, just simple and straight to the point. The songs just flow by and there is nothing bad I could say about the songs. The voice is great, the melodies are nice, great guitars and beats. While the first Song “Tropical Thunder” gives a powerful introduction to the album, it’s declining to the middle of the album, becoming a bit boring. As I had almost given up hope for a bit more power, they start with “Moonshine Bayou”. Finally power again, good mood without getting cheesy. And with “Paralyzed” there is another one in the same lane, and then the great acoustic song “N.R.J.C” – Wow! Next time the songs should be in a better order and mixed on the album to build more feeling by offering different songs. Still a great musical product and also vocal-wise a great job by those Swedish youngsters.



  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

Sandy Mahrer

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