GrooVenom – Pink Lion

Label: NOIZGATE Records    VÖ: 08.04.2016

The German band GrooVenom release their second album „Pink Lion“: the six guys from Dresden have specialised in Deathcore and also unite pop music, soft vocals and rap, yet this mixture does not always succeed.

2014 the band released their debut „Viper“ and right afterwards announce changes in their music style, which purists might find difficult to digest. Because „Pink Lion“ is intended to provoke and stretch boundaries. „Pink Lion“ bursting with massive riffs in Djent-Style and with a modern guitar sound.

Some of the songs I rather find challenging to listen to than inspiring. The intended cross-over between Deathcore and Pop music does not quite work in my opinion. Yet I have to admit that songs like „Pink Lion“ or „New Wave of Mainstream“ do inspire some headbanging and swinging-along. Although the songs cannot be called pure ear candy, I can say without doubt that listening to those 12 songs plus 4 Bonus Tracks is worth the effort.

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  • 7/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 7/10

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