Matterhorn – Outside

Label: Apollon Records     release:   6.11.2020

In December 2017 we had introduced you to the Norwegian Band Matterhorn as a Fresh Act . The project around singer and songwriter Tommy Sebastian Halseth has been developing new ideas ever since and the band members don’t set themselves any musical boundaries. The songs develop out of pure feeling without being restricted to a certain genre. But the sound mostly should be something for fans of Alternative Pop/Rock or for people who like emotional, calm, abstract music.

With “Outside”, Matterhorn release their first music product via Apollon Records. The record includes eight songs that feature between 4 to 8 minutes runtime. But especially “Aorta” and Aura Noir” catch my ear, because of the compositions and melodies I like them best. Die lyrics are inspired by everything that does not really fit into this chaotic, modern world. Therefore the album turned out to be pretty melancholic. With “Doden og meg” there is also an Norwigian song to be found. It is a slightly gloomy album, due to the melancholic songs on it. Still Halseth and this colleagues Stunes and Matthieson managed to develop a unique atmosphere on this album.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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