Orianthi – O

Label: Frontiers Records     release: 6.11.2020

Elite guitarero Orianthi should be known by now as live guitarist, performing with stars like Santana, Carrie Underwood, Prince, ZZ Top and especially as guitarist of Alice Cooper, with whom she toured till 2014. And by the way, she is also the Ex of Richie Sambora.

With “O”, this Australian born lady with Greek roots releases her sixth album. But it is the first since 2014; in past years you didn’t hear that much of her. But now she’s back with a record that was indeed worth the wait. It turns out, this young lady is an expert not only on guitar but also on microphone. A great voice paired with awesome guitar solos, what do you want more? The songs all come with a great melody and it’s so easy to listen to this record. There is a lot of variety, in general it sounds very American, but nevertheless just great. Ranging from fast songs to ballads, pretty much everything is included. “Crowling out of the Dark” is just fabulous. It needs a lot to convince me when it comes to a female singer – but Orianthi did it.

“O” is a awesome album and I really hope that it won’t take her another six years to follow up on this. Orianthi, we need girls like you in the Hard Rock scene!

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Sandy Mahrer

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