Dead Soul – The Sheltering Sky

Century Media, released Oct 23

Wow, this is indeed remarkable. This strange mixture of Electronic Rock, Stoner Goth&Roll and Pop immediately catches your attention, not only because this duo hails from Sweden. It’s probably the quality of the voice that ensures you will remember and recognise this band in an instant…

Vocalist/guitarist Anders Landelius, also known as blues musician Slidin’ Slim, sounds like the love child of Johnny Cash and Glenn Danzig. His partner in crime is multiinstrumentalist/ producer/ electronic music guru Niels Nielsen; as DEAD SOUL they released their acclaimed debut album “In The Darkness” in 2013. And maybe you’ve already encountered them as support of Ghost or The Haunted…

Crowned with full deep voice smooth as hell, the first couple of songs sneak their way into your brain, to stick there for a while. The catchy opener Until The Last Breath brightens the day with its groove, even a dark rainy Monday morning. And there are many songs on this album with the same qualities …

However, the Pop-Ballad (Dirt Road) extends a tear jerking theme way too far for my taste – not a bad song, but way too sugar-coated… the other ballad The Final Day I find much easier to digest, and in general I like the up-tempo songs (which are the majority) much better. Hence in my opinion Dead Soul’s second album is not a perfect bull’s eye, but nevertheless absolutely worth a recommendation.

Dead Soul - Burn Forever

  • 7/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 7/10

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