Dead End Finland – Inter Vivos

Inverse Records release: 24.1.2020

One good thing about this situation now is that there is much more time for listening to music. And also for album reviews – and issue I have admittedly been lagging behind… Despite the fact that I had been looking forward to this release since 2019, the 4th of those Finnish Melodic Death Metallers. And do pinpoint right away, I was not to be disappointed. Inter Vivos is a fantastic epic album of high ear candy quality, a string of great songs and it would not be fair to pick a single one as “hit song” – yet I do recommend to check out the clip below, Lifelong Tragedy, which gives an impression of the overall sound and the quality of the sound writing. One of the reasons for such quality output might be the fact that this band has kept the original 2007 line-up, all quite experienced musicians thanks to other projects (e.g. Grendel, Dying Daylight, Divercia).

One of the qualities is the mix of clean & growl vocals, harmonies and having keys & synth not just in the back seat but often as the major driver for a song vehicle, hence creating this epic beauty (e.g. Dark Horizon) – and sometimes it feels you could dance to a song… Well, imagine Children Of Bodom, Pain and one of those notorious Black-Metal-atmospheric-soundscape-soloists made music together … and if the last song In Memoriam wasn’t a bit cheesy in my opinion, I’d given it a 10/10… So, if you are into Finnish Metal music, this one is a must-have.

Dead End Finland:
Mikko Virtanen: Vocals
Santtu Rosen: Guitars & Bass
Miska Rajasuo: Drums
Jarno Hänninen: Keys

Klaudia Weber

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