Kormak – Faerenus

Label: Rockshots Records    release: 29 June 2018

A sinister intro and a primal growl by front woman Zaira de Candia – quite a brutal opening of this album before Italian Kormak and Faerenus can be identified as Folk (Melodic) Death Metal. It’s not just growling, Zaira delivers Clean Vocals and some Opera style as well; just like Myrkur offering a whole range of voices and moods.

Musically Kormak present us with a mixture of Folk (flutes, acoustic guitars), Power-, Prog- and Melodic Death Metal, with a lot of variety and some surprises. One for example is The Hermit – but maybe it’s a glitch in the digital version? 22 minutes long, framed by a very appealing acoustic ballad, one version in English, the other one in Italian – in between mainly silence and some occasional sound effect. No idea what to think about it. In case it was supposed to trigger a movie scenario in your head, well, that didn’t work with me. Perhaps cutting out those silent parts and reducing the song to its essence with 6-7 min would have been better. The ballad as such is really nice!

The opera parts are sometimes a bit too shrill for me and the sound a bit too clinical – otherwise I can only recommend this album to everybody who likes – Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth or Heidevolk, Below a video clip to get an impression – actually a nice summary for the whole album.

Line Up
Zaira de Candia – Vocals/Whistle Flutes
Alessandro Dionisio – Guitar
Alessio Intini – Guitar
Francesco Loconte – Bass
Dario Stella – Drums


  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

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