Lelahell – Alif

Label: Metal Age Productions   released June 15, 2018

WOW! Once again proof that it’s worth checking out bands you have never heard of but somehow they catch your eye … and here it was mainly the country of origin Algeria that caught my attention, so I gave Lelahell and their second Album Alif a try, although Old School Death Metal is not quite topping my list of favourite genres …

But then the opener – GEEE so brutal it pulls your pants off! Besides Napalm Death or Obituary coming to my mind I somehow have to think of Impaled Nazarene as well – maybe because of this reckless attitude… when a Benediction-groove kicks in at  “Adam The First” and then some more of Algerian folklore and other languages come to the mix (Insiraf/Martyr), hell yeah, I am fully convinced. Those are ingredients that distinguish a band from the rest, create a unique sound … What can I say – great album that despite the brutality has some ear candy qualities, and somehow puts a smile on your face … and as soon as the almost-instrumental Impunity of the Mutants has ended, you have to hit the “replay” button…

More plus points: Mixed and mastered at  Hertz Studio  (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate…) and cover artwork by  K Illustrations  (Aborted Amon Amarth, Death Angel, Sodom …). The album features the German drummer Hannes Grossmann (ex Necrophagist, ex Obscura, Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Hate Eternal), one of the most admired players in the world of technical death metal. Check it out!


Klaudia Weber

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