The Dark Element

Label: Frontiers Records Release: 10.11.2017

That Frontiers Records randomly pools together famous musicians to form a new band is well known. But the cooperation for The Dark Element comes rather unexpectedly. I would have placed my bet rather on a second solo record from the former Nightwish singer than on a cooperation with another Finn. But I was proven wrong. Anette Olzon and former Stratovarius guitarist, Jani Liimatainen, created a self-titled album with eleven songs.

On it, metal is, once again, only the music itself, the vocals cover all varieties of Pop. Olzon’s solo record was a much better fit for her voice – she was able to shine, the songs were tailored to her vocals. I would like to see (and hear) something similar from her again. Maybe in the future.

Personally, I think her voice is not meant for metal songs. Although, I must say that she does a way better job than during Nightwish times. Thus, the album contains a few gems, which are catchy, infectious and have some cool guitar solos. All in all, the songs fit together well but at times I miss that certain kick. I could imagine that they would have sounded so much different, probably even better, with a real metal voice from someone like Anne Brunner (Exit Eden). But still, The Dark Element managed to deliver a very nice debut album with solid, at times, a bit chaotic Metal songs and a certain Pop appeal.

Perhaps, we should stop tagging songs with certain labels altogether and just enjoy the songs and albums that make us happy. And The Dark Element contains a lot of these songs. So, sing along, dance and bang your head.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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