Misterer – Ignoramus

Label: Three Chords Music   release: 24.4.2019

Admittedly, it took me a few minutes to identify Misterer’s  April Fools Day gag as such – because it did not sound too implausible for me that this band would land a support slot for Slayer, at least when it comes to Scandinavia … Which prepares you for what I’m going to say about the debut album of this Finnish Thrash act.

Misterer mastermind Mikko Herranen might be a quite well-known outside his home country, as solo artist as well as band member of e.g. Velcra, RUST, Kilt., Misery Inc. or Nicole.

The first impression – you simply cannot avoid thinking of – yep – Slayer, or Kreator: powerful tracks influenced by good old classic Bay Area sound, at least in the beginning of this record. Then some more melodic elements, clean vocals and groove are added – good, because it would have been a pity that Mikko is not using one of his strengths, his beautiful (clean) voice. “Disconnected” is an example for a song that unites a tough Thrash attitude and still some melodies and a catchy chorus.

One of my highlights here is “The Light” where Mikko’s voice can shine, sort-of a power ballad to take a breath, right before it’s getting really super tough again with “Backrage” (see video below). The track “Money” has something of an ABBA parody, whereas Perkelation is much more complex and technical. There’s also a bonus track, the live version of “I am a God”, recorded at the stage debut of this band at On The Rocks, which I actually attended

Summing up, this is a diverse Thrash album with a proper production (Mikko supported by Joel Pöllänen). For genre fans this is simply a must-have – and more about this band here in our interview.

Misterer - Backrage

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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