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Great Leap Skyward: Back in business

Once upon a time – there were some brave warriors in Metal from Melbourne, Australia, gathering at a round table as „Knightmare“. Their debut CD gained a straight 10/10 and I had a chat with the guys – and then they disappeared… But lo and behold, now they are back, under a new name: Great Leap Skyward. And they have also just released a new album „Map of Broken Dreams“! Naturally a few questions pop up immediately which guitarist James Munroe kindly answers…

Why have you all vanished for such a long time, what happened to Knightmare?

It has been quite a journey. Our singer departed the band in 2015 so we began the search for a new one and decided to take our time to make the album the best it could be. We didn’t want to rush as we wanted the next album to be step forward (or maybe a leap?) from the last one.

Why the name change, and is there a story behind the new band name?

The story behind the name change is a two fold one really. We found that the newer material didn’t really fit the name Knightmare any more. Also with streaming services and centralised places for people to find our music there are quite a few bands called Knightmare. We found ourselves competing for a space that didn’t really represent what we sounded like anymore. We decided to change the name, it was really scary, but we wanted a name that didn’t really conjure up any ideas of what we might sound like.

What else has changed in the band in the meantime?

Well for starters, we have a new singer! Our guitarist and song writer Luke Besley took 2 years to train himself to sing and record the album.

The new album – where is it available?

Available now – here!

We also have a video clip out! („Singularity“ – see below, the ed.)

The same song writers that were present in Knightmare are in GLS. Consider this a more mature, darker, exploritive version of the same band.

Plans for gigs / festivals / a tour?

Right now we’re due to play in Japan in November and looking to come over to Europe and surrounds in 2019 all going well. Hopefully we can have a beer?

And maybe a bonus question: Your comments on Scandinavians (plus 30 degrees Celsius) / central Europeans that had been suffering in this summer’s heat wave (plus 35 on average)?

Australia routinely gets to 45 degrees so for us that is a pretty warm day (but don’t stay in the sun too long). We don’t know anything about cold though, we think -5 is terrifying.

Thanks for the interview!

Great Leap Skyward are:
Luke Besley – Guitars/Vocals/Cello/Synths
James Munro – Guitars
Matt McConaghy – Bass
Dave Allen – Drums

Instagram #greatleapskyward
Twitter @gls_band_au

Great Leap Skyward - Singularity [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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