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Cypecore and the 7 Deadly Sins

Cypecore is a sci-fi metal band from southern Germany that plays their heavy tunes in the post-apocalyptic year 2133. We don’t know for sure if there are sins or religions anymore then, but we had an interesting time getting to know the two frontmen (Nils Lesser and Dominic Christoph) behind this cool band’s cyber armor (at their show in Cologne, Jungle Club, March 2nd).

Dominic: Overly present is the first thought that comes to mind. And that’s kind of everywhere.
Nils: There is a tight connection between financial system and greed. Yeah.
D: And not just that, but also when you are successful in some way, people get very envious and that can be a hard pill to swallow… We as a band are not greedy. We are ambitious! That is a different thing.
N: We are greedy for the atmosphere of our live gig tonight! (everybody laughs)

D: Well… It’s probably an unjustified thing most of the time. Wrath is a very strong word in my book, I rarely use it.

D: What is that??!… Absolutely meaningless to me!
N: He is the complete opposite of that! (Dominic laughs) We have our stage gear and look, but that is because we are science fiction fans. Films, video games, Fallout…
D: We started something and it grows into this all-consuming concept, so we just have to fit into that. This is our armor and we have to wear it.

D: Lazy animals? What else… We cannot really afford to be lazy. I used to be lazy, but now there is so much stuff that we have to schedule, there is no time to be lazy actually.
N: On tour there is just no mood to be lazy, because you are constantly doing something.
D: And not just on tour, but off tour too! I am working full-time, I have 2 dogs and a girl, this and that, doing sports and suddenly it is 3 o’clock in the morning!…

D: Is my lady-friend here somewhere….? (all laugh) what can I say, I am a simple guy! I see boobs and all’s fine!

D: I do think that we are having the privilege that we are living in a first world country, that we have everything accessible at any given time, so I think you can get lost in consumption. But I think it is also important to take a step back and think about what you want to do and if it is good to do it for yourself. I think you should be cautious.

D: Personally I am not focused on that. I am proud of people who achieve something. I am not envious, but I look up to them. I am not an envious person, I think envy can only hurt yourself. Envy is a false concept.
N: You can say that envy is a German thing.
D: YES! Germans tend to be very envious very quickly over very little achievements (all laugh). And if other people are envious of us… well, what we have aren’t the things that you couldn’t achieve by yourself. I mean, we came up with all this stuff on our own, so what stopped you from doing it too? Probably being envious all the time and not working your ass off. And that what separates men from the boys in that department. Is this the weirdest answers you’ve ever gotten?

D: (whispers) for a German….
(all laugh)

Writer: Marina Minkler    Translation: Uwe Minkler
Photography: Kira Hagen

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