Cradle of Filth @ Nosturi

Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland 7.3.2018

I have been waiting for this concert since the band announced their Cryptoriana tour.
I saw them last time around 2 years ago at their Hammer of the Witches tour, also in Nosturi and it was amazing to me to see them for the first time there live on stage.

Finally the day has come and I was joined by my dear friend Maria. As in Finland the audience is usually very calm and relaxed, you can appear some time before the show and find your place. The show is supposed to start at 21:00 and as Moonspell is not joining in Helsinki, Cradle starts right away without support band. The audience is already excited and waiting for them to start as soon as the crew places water bottles on stage.

Then at 21:00 the light dims and Ave Satani starts. The audience welcomes them with applause.
Martin enters the stage to his drumkit then Richard, Daniel and Marek follow. Lindsey shows up next greeting the audience and takes her place behind the keyboard. And then Dani enters the stage, his head covered with a kind of bag. Then the show opens with Gilded Cunt straight away, very energetically and loudly supported by the audience.
Dani and the band are all in good mood and the feeling is absolutely great from both audience and band. Richard is doing a great show in his own unique way and the others are also actively interacting with the audience.

Next title is Beneath the howling stars from their masterpiece Cruelty and the Beast.
As they will publish a remastered version of it for its 20th birthday, similar to the last time Dusk and her Embrace, they also include Bathory Aria in the setlist, which I had been waiting eagerly for to see it live. I and also the whole audience enjoys every moment of it.

The setlist is a great mixture although there are only 2 titles of their latest album, but if they would play all their great songs the show would be endless, which some Filthlings surely would not mind.
After a short break they perform the classics Nymphetamine and Her Ghost in the Fog and the audience is totally joining the lyrics. Although on the first lines of Dani to „cold was my soul, untold was the pain…“the microphone refuses to work and he has to take a second to continue. Lindseys voice is stunning and perfect in every way.

As the show comes to an end after From the Cradle to Enslave, the band thanks the audience and you can clearly feel they enjoyed the show as much as the audience did. Richard throws his plectrum to the audience, but the try to spit it to the people on the balcony fails, it hits the speaker and his face and so he throws it by hand.
Cradle of Filth is always absolutely awesome and powerful on stage and I cannot wait to see them again as soon as possible. Thank you Cradle!


Ave Satani
Gilded cunt
Beneath the howling stars
Blackest magic in practice
Heartbreak and seance
Bathory Aria
Dusk and her embrace
Death of love
Your will know the lion by its claw

A bruise upon the silent moon
The promise of fever
Her ghost in the fog
Born in a burial gown
From the cradle to enslave
Blooding the hounds of hell

Text & Fotos: Tatjana Tattis Murschel

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