Sepultura – Machine Messiah

Label: Nuclear Blast  Playing Time 47 minutes  Release: 13th January 2017


More than 3 years after the release after their last album, Sepultura are about to release their 14th studio album. But those we expect Thrash Metal in the style of “Roots” or “Chaos A.D.” will be disappointed for sure.

In fact, on “Machine Messiah”, Sepultura are as variable as they have never been before. There are classic Thrash songs (‘I am the Enemy’), doomy songs (‘Cyber God’), groovy songs (‘Phantom Self’), bombastic songs (‘Sworn Oath’) and also spacy songs (‘Machine Messiah’). Although I appreciate a lot of variation, I cannot find the common basis of this stuff because everything is  too much or a mixture. Short, hard and straight to the point, that’s how I got Sepultura to know and that’s what I am missing here (except ‘I am the Enemy’). Moreover, there are only a few tracks that work well (the one mentioned before as well as ‘Phantom Self’ and ‘Sworn Oath’). The rest of the songs do not quite hit the point, because they are too complex and too difficult to access.

So Old School Thrashers will most likely be disappointed. And I am disappointed too. After the great records released in the past, I had expected something better.

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