Re-releases: Oldies but goldies

As there have been several re-releases recently – and more coming up – which do not really require a review, we made this special to inform you about several pearls to be added to your music collection.

(start photo – that’s what they looked like in 1994) created a double whammy in the last weeks of 2016, re-releasing their debut full-length, the now legendary Vikingligr Veldi from 1994, containing lyrics in Icelandic, produced by Pytten (Immortal, Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor etc) in Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway – on vinyl for the first time ever. The limited 2xLP gatefold edition includes a new layout design by Z. Bielak (Ghost, Mayhem etc.) as well as four brand new illustrations. Additionally, the record has been respectfully remastered for vinyl by Iver Sandøy preserving every bit of its original dynamics.

The second release is a full-length album comprised of rare material from 2010-2011: The Sleeping Gods – Thorn is a unique collection of experimental recordings connecting with the band’s early roots. The seven tracks comprising The Sleeping Gods – Thorn originally appeared on extremely limited EPs between the Axioma Ethica Odini and Riitiir full-lengths.
Both Vinyl re-releases are beautifully made and include lyric sheets, all texts translated to English. And it’s foreshadowed that Keyboarder / Clean Vocalist Herbrand Larsen left the band (as recently announced) – he is mentioned in the credits section only, not in the band member list…

The Sleeping Gods – Thorn is available on limited edition blue vinyl (webshop edition), black vinyl, digipak CD, and digitally via By Norse Music. http://www.bynorse.com      http://www.facebook.com/bynorse


Those Australian Prog gods came up with a special idea, for the FREE re-release of their sold-out 2014 EPs ‘SARABANDE TO NIHIL’ & ‘HIRAETH’ via Patreon!
”We are going to give away free digital copies (wav files, artwork & lyrics included) of our two long sold out & ultra limited 2014 crowd funding EP’s and all you have to do is become a member of The Ne Obluminati via Patreon.com/neobliviscaris for as little as $1 a month!
We are aiming to become the first band in history to crowd fund a full time wage and today we are announcing a membership drive… that will run until the end of February with the aim to hit our $15,000USD target and help us finally turn NeO into our full time profession and enable us to keep making music and touring long into the future.”
For $5+ per month you can receive additional content, e.g. live chats with the bands, merch discounts, songwriting updates, exclusive demo’s of new songs before anyone else in the world & more. No lock in contracts. No long term commitment. Full details via Patreon.com/neobliviscaris


Australia the second, and again a double feature:
‘Tangled In Dream’ is the first: After being out of print since years and also not available digitally, this new edition finally allows to (re-)discover one of the early 2000’s most impressive releases of the genre. Disc 1 holds the regular album while CD II includes 10 bonus tracks (9 of these available on CD format (outside of Japan) for the first time ever). (!!!) A real treat for fans of the band, and those who are about to become fans!
Available by January 27 as well will be the 2005 Album ‘Embrace The Silence’ – all via AFM Records http://shop.afm-records.de/

Some more good news – the second half of 2017 should see the release of a new Vanishing Point album… www.vanishing-point.com.au


Punctually to celebrate this US Prog-Metal band’s 40th anniversary (and the upcoming 2017 world tour) a recent edition of the vinyl-version of their legendary CRYSTAL LOGIC on High Roller Records (different colours available) is now available, as a replica of the original Roadster album, and it has a brandnew vinyl-remastering by Patrick Engel.

Here the links:
Tour infos: https://www.facebook.com/ManillaRoadOfficial/


– one of the top-selling acts in Germany currently – re-released their debut album „Dos Bros“, which has reached Platinum status, in November 2016, containing 7 additional songs from the TV show „Sing meinen Song“. Plus a live album „Dos Bros“ – Live-CD/DVD“, containing highlights of a sold out tour, exclusive videos etc. All available via Island / Universal Music.
By the way: Sascha und Alec will also co-host the TV show „Sing meinen Song“ this year, more info (in German) HERE or at www.thebosshoss.com

The BossHoss - Jolene (Live)


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