Panychida – Haereticalia

Label: Cursed Records VÖ: 1.6. 2016 Total playing time: 45:26
A great thing coming from Pilsen, CZ, is not only this famous beverage (which rather rates as ”nutrition” in my home country) but also this band… I have praised Panychida before, and this album should open the way to international fame and a wider fan base. Have been playing this CD every day since I first listened to it…
For their 4th album (recorded at KSV Studios, Prague) the band put their Pagan Metal a bit into the background. Several elements – folkish tunes, acoustic instruments and medieval lyrical topics, here the witch hunts – are still there, but now they focus on epic symphonic songs that could be Melodic Death, or then it’s more Black Metal; there are orchestra parts and parts with acoustic instruments, and Vlčák growls, screeches, talks and whispers to your heart’s delight. I have difficulties to put it into a category, which basically speaks for itself…
What to say, a great album with even greater tracks, e.g. The intense …For I don´t Cause the Evil – even providing the perfect rhythm for headbanging, heartbreakingly beautiful melodies (The Night Consumes the Light), even the instrumental ”Perchtenlaufen” (Austrians know what it is) will give you goose flesh. Plus those 2 live bonus tracks. Summing up, brilliant, buy it. Bandwebsite

01  The Wild Hunt Assembly 01:24
02  Procession of the Dead 06:40
03  The Night Consumes the Light 02:20
04  Josafat (The Gathering) 04:58
05  In Striacium (instr.) 03:27
06  Hunting the Witches 04:39
07  …For I don´t Cause the Evil 04:13
08  The Livonian Werewolf 04:30
09  Perchtenlaufen (instrumental) 03:51
10 Alatyrĭ (live bonus track) 03:52
11 Three Pillars (live bonus track) 05:32

  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10

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