Sintax – Sway For A Better Day

Label: Inverse Records  Playing Time: 33 Min  Release 17th June 2016


There are still real exotic bands in the Metal scene. And Sintax are one of them. The band was founded in 2010 and they come from Jerusalem / Israel. They have already played numerous live shows in their homeland and could gather fanbase. Now they deliver their first studio album “Sway For Better Days” and with it their blastbeat Thrash Metal to a worldwide audience.

There were some fairytales in music business about bands that started as live bands and releasing their first album after many years of playing, which became a real breakthrough at once. Rage Against The Machine is one of these bands. But Sintax will not achieve the same. To many things do not fit together on their first album. But first of all the pros: It is quite obvious that the instrumentalists know how to play. They are tight and fast and there is nothing to say against their work. Also the production reaches international standards. But the debut is mucked up by the riffs, which all sound alike, the haphazard songwriting and also by vocalist Yehi Zaken, wo sounds as exchangeable as the rest of the music. Maybe this stuff works live, but it doesn’t on CD.

  • 4/10
    Bewertung / rating - 4/10

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