Detritus – Myths

Embryo Industries      release: Feb 19, 2021

Wow, this one is truly remarkable, and on several levels. First, this album marks the return of a beloved British thrash band. Detritus’ story began in Bristol, England in 1989 and inspired by the likes of Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer they set about creating their own take on the world dominating thrash scene. After 2 album releases, 1993 appeared to be the end of the Detritus story…until now. Spurred on by the success of recent reissues of their two albums, Detritus returned to the studio to record Myths – a new album from a reformed band. myths impresses with high quality and the spectrum of expression, a sophisticated mixture of different elements, diverse and yet homogeneous – and is there a connecting storyline? When listening in, you get the impression that it is a concept album and sometimes it’s more of a recital performance. Sort of Metal-Homer – would fit into the “Myths” picture. Or in other words, imagine a cross between Savatage / Dead Winter Dead with Sentenced / Crimson – great and diverse songs, intense vocals, a range from brutal to mellow (e.g. the epic-ballad-like Exoria) and also a dash of melancholy. “Bloodstained Glass” is out of the ordinary with its electro beats, yet developing into a power metal track – one of the highlights on an album that doesn’t contain any lame duck. The final The Game and Forever Soldier are pure metal ear candy anyway. A successful return to the scene, I’d say. Check them out, buy the album!

Andy Bright – Drums & Percussion
Mark Broomhead – Vocals & Bass Guitar
Michael Bryzak – Guitar
Andy Neal – Guitar
Paul Newington-Wise – Guitar

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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