[Yuna]: Eigentlich

Finest Noise / Radar, already released

The outfit of the band as it has been touring for the past two years was founded in 2009. They played gigs at festivals, street parties, and clubs in and around Hamburg. The highlight: An unplugged gig at the “Michel”, one of Hamburg’s landmarks. But of course the band wants to leave the city and move on to other places. While some colleagues who also make Poprock, use as many clichés as possible, especially when they are singing in German, this band, fonted by Felix Köster, is trying to leave their mark where many others have treaded before. Not an easy task, but doable.

[YUNA] has set out to prove just that and they actually manage to stick out from all the German bands that are played on German radio daily and sound so similar to each other that it’s hard to even remember their names. For me, this was enough to give them a closer listen. The Opener “Der Tag” doesn’t only have a catchy, rocking melody, but also lyrics that have a bit more substance than your average mushy popsong. Singer Felix Köster has one of those slightly rough voices that work well to belt out lyrics and bringing them across in a way they go straight to the heart. He does not necessarily sing beautifully, but he makes up for that with lots of emotion. I like it and anyone who likes German Poprock with good lyrics somewhere between Herbert Grönemeyer and Jupiter Jones, should give this a listen. Overall not every song on the album is as strong as the first three and the closer “Woanders2, but there is no filler to be found on this CD either. This is a strong album, I’d like to hear more.


  1. Der Tag
  2. Eigentlich
  3. Schwarz Weiss
  4. Reicht Schon
  5. Ewig
  6. Nur Ein Traum
  7. Woanders


  • 7/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7/10

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