Crucified Barbara / Supercharger/ Junkstars

07. October 2014, Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland

One day after returning from Finland, Rock club Z7 hosts 3 bands from neighbour Sweden. I have not seen the headliners in a while and feel curious how the girls have developed. It´s clear that there will be mostly males in the audience, but I never expected how it escalated.

Three guys from Stockholm dedicated to Punkrock make the start, but they need some time to inspire the audience. Their songs sound similar, but basically good music, which they present so energetically that they are soaked in sweat afterwards. Besides the music the full body artwork of Basser Tobbe attracts the few females, you need to look at it closely to discover the sailors, the death mask of those beauties on back and breast. Really well done. Their first gig in Switzerland turned out a success, so they surely will be back here.

Surely this band is the reason for the few women to attend the show. The Danes have been visiting Switzerland more often, I have not seen them yet, though, and I don´t understand the hype around Supercharger. Sure, the music is not bad and also the show. But I cannot stand the fact that they put on this Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll act all the time, it´s OK flirting with fans, but groupies in an age when the band members surely have family, kids, at home? Are those guys ever growing up? Singer Mikkel leads through the show quite charmingly and even quotes a Matthias Reim classic. The songs are appreciated, the audience applauds, sings along and does some horns-raising and headbanging. Rounding up the show they play Reim´s „Verdammt ich Lieb dich, Ich lieb dich nicht…!“

Crucified Barbara
Finally it´s time for the 4 Swedish girls, after long changeover and soundcheck. The first 4 rows – maybe 3-4 exceptions – consist entirely of older men, already in a state of errr excitement. It is not only difficult to make photos (no photo pit), it is impossible, as even friendly requests to make room for a few minutes are rudely denied. Only because those guys cannot wait to jerk off? What happened to the gentleman behaviour of Metal dudes? Nevermind, the sound tonight is clear, sometimes even too clear, and the voice of Mia Coldheart can shine. Although after a while the songs sound similar, it is obvious that those Swedes have developed further. Still after a while some men leave the hall – because they don´t like it or because they cannot contain themselves any more? All in all Mia, Ida, Nicky and Klara deliver a great gig, what a pity that you could not fully enjoy it because of those guys. Almost too many people at Mini-Z7, hopefully more advance tickets are sold next time so that the big Z7 can be booked.

Photos: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber


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