Ensiferum Acoustic Spectacle in Finland

28.10.2016, On The Rocks, Helsinki
The queue at the club gave you a clue that this evening is indeed going to be a spectacle. What else to expect from a band like Ensiferum? I had never seen their acoustic shows, though, and this turned out to be something definitely not to be missed. I can only recommend to see such a show! The guys and girls on stage had as much fun as the enthusiastic people in front of it. Ensiferum at their best, showing off their skills (e.g. Banjo, bass solo) and diversity, entertaining the audience in between with cheerful stories. You got the feeling that you hang out with the band in their (slightly overcrowded) living room, and maybe that’s why Petri wore those comfy slippers…

Not only the old and new (“One Man Army”) battle hymns – having a particular new meaning for the photographer in the crowd – were heartily sung along by the fans, it was the calmer songs that gained a poignant quality in this particular setting (Neito Pohjolan). Not much more to say: Great gig, fantastic evening, and more of this please, soon.
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Twilight Tavern
Burning Leaves
Heathen Horde
Battle Medley
Burden Of The Fallen / Warrior Without A War
From Afar
In My Sword I Trust
Two Of Spades
Eternal Wait
Neito Pohjolan
Celestial Bond
Lai Lai Hei
Rentun Ruusu

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