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Tiamat – Johan Edlund’s 7 deadly sins

Just 4,5 hours before his birthday, Johan commented on the 7 deadly sins, although from his point of view, most of them shouldn´t even be on that list

Something I can´t really relate to. It depends… Greed for money I don´t think that people with a lot of money live much happier than we do, so.. And greed for other things, love or whatever, but I feel quite comfortable there too. I know this from myself, I had more money in the past than I have now, but I wasn´t a happier person back then. I am totally happy now, and so don´t feel that I´m greedy for anything.

It´s a sin, yeah… and it should be a sin. There´s nothing wrong with sins. Personally I don´t envy anybody, but in my job for example I think there is a lot of envy, between bands and so on, and we try to stay out of that. Maybe it´s like a competition and I don´t feel it´s important to be the best, so I don´t envy people who are better, I accept it, it´s totally cool to be number two. As long as you´re number two, not number three. And if there are people who are envious of me, I think they have a good reason for that.

That´s me. I am lazy and I don´t think it´s a sin at all, it´s something to be proud of. Because you can have your time off to enjoy life without stressing, working too much, you know… I´m totally happy with that.

Can you explain that word, it´s a very complicated one. Oh, eating too much?! Oh no, I eat too less. I don´t cook well… but I don´t see why it´s a sin to eat too much? If I order two Big Macs instead of one, I don´t see a way it can be sent to Africa, or anywhere else to help a starving kid, so I might as well eat it.

I think that is a very good thing to do, if you´re suppose to love other people, you should also love yourself.

For sure if somebody does something bad to me, I won´t have a problem to smack him in the face or even shoot him. There are many things that make me angry, paedophiles for example.

It´s not really a sin either. We all feel it, it´s normal.

Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. K.Weber, photo: Tiamat

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