Swallow The Sun / The Man-Eating Tree / Iconcrash

Three weeks after the Finnish Metal Expo I was able to see Swallow The Sun again in Helsinki, which continued their “Emerald Forest and the Blackbird” tour in Nosturi. They were supported by The Man-Eating Tree, who are currently with their second album “Harvest” on the go.

However, the evening started with Iconcrash and lots of emotions. Actually, I wanted to listen just briefly, but some songs (e.g. “Everlast) were very catchy. So I followed the whole gig and especially liked the fact that the songs were alternately based on keyboard or guitar sound.

The compositions were borne mainly by the long notes, which were filled by Jaani Peuhu’s clear voice and created a very pleasant atmosphere. I also found it remarkable that he smiled between songs, something seen very rarely.
Setlist: Strange / Fiery / Lovers / Everlast / Stockholm / We Are / 60 Seconds

After a drink and with some more people The Man-Eating Tree continued this evening. They rang in the gig with “Harvest Bell”, “At the Green Country Chapel” and “Armed” from the latest album “Harvest”. “Lathing A New Man” and “The White Plateau” provided some sort of recognition factor and more action in the audience. All songs were played incredibly precise.

The voice of Tuomas Tuominen was surrounded by very delicate keyboard sounds and later – exacly in the right moment – guitars came into the play. I was absolutely swept off my feet.

Setlist: Harvest Bell / At the Green Country Chapel /Armed / Lathing A New Man / The White Plateau / Incendere / Exhaled / Of Birth For Passing / Code of Surrender

However, most of the fans had come for Swallow The Sun. During the intro “Sininen uuni” (Tapio Rautavaara) the curtains were drawn aside by hand like in a puppet show.

The following concert was simply pure pleasure. Since the songs are of almost epic length, I could watch the stage from the photo pit for a long while. Later I moved to the balcony, where the acoustics were best.
Setlist: Sininen uuni / Emerald Forest and the Blackbird / Through Her Silvery Body / Psychopath’s Lair / Hope / Cathedral Walls / Hold This Woe / These Woods Breathe Evil / New Moon / Night Will Forgive Us / The Giant / Labyrinth of London / Don’t Fall Asleep / Swallow

And my last comment is meant for Nosturi’s acoustic engineers. The audio settings were perfect. I was able to enjoy the full range of sounds from all three gigs without ear protections. Thus, not a single note got lost. For this reason, I give the full score.

 Grit Kabiersch

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