DORO – 25th Anniversary

Fear No Evil Tour, 18.12.2009, Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, CH

After two years she is finally back at Z7, the Queen of Metal, this small lady full of power who has been inspiring the Metal world with her voice for 25 years: Doro Pesch. The German rock lady celebrates her anniversary with the Fear no Evil Tour and was also visiting Switzerland. As the opening acts were not quite remarkable, let´s skip them and get directly to this evening´s highlight.

Doro opened the show with the classic „Earthshaker Rock“ and captures the audience in a wink. The well-filled hall screams „Doro,Doro“ and „Hey,Hey“, without being asked to. This time some boxes in front of the stage give Ms Pesch the opportunity to get closer to her fans, which the males in the audience really appreciate. Her musicians are tough, as always. Nick Douglas on Bass gives everything and needs (big show) re-animation by his band mates in the end – something the females in the audience might have enjoyed to do as well. This guy is running around on stage constantly, sometimes even stealing Doro´s show. Drummer Johnny Dee can hardly be spotted but he delivers a lot of power, especially during his solo part.

photos: Sandy Mahrer
The new guy is Bas Mass, previously After Forever guitarist, now replacing Joe Taylor who focuses nowadays on his own band Cycle of Pain. Not that new is Luca Princiotta, who had been with Doro occasionally before, he is replacing Oliver Palotai. With songs like „All we are“, „ The Night of the Warlock“ and „Rule the Ruins“ Doro touches her fans, also with ballads like „Herzblut“. After three encores Doro says goodbye but promises to be back soon, also with a new album. Who wants to see the 2500th show of the Metal Queen, there will be only 2.500 tickets available for the spectacle on 13.März 2010 at Düsseldorf Burg-Wächter Castello – be quick!

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