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23.06.2018 Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland Photos: Sandy Mahrer

Gotthard have just been at Z7 with their Defrosted Tour and now two members Leo Leoni und Hena Habegger come back with their new project CoreLeoni, playing ancient Gotthard songs that are no longer played by the band. A very interesting project you should not miss.

First on are Underskin from Zürich with the well-known front lady Andrina Travers, at least in GErmany and Switzerland. She participated recently at The Voice of Germany and with 13 she took part at Eurovision Song Contest semifinal for Switzerland. Back then she was an uprising pop star but a disease kept her from making music for many years. Now she is back, as an adult and as a Rock siren. As her first gig was exactly 10 years ago, the management surprises her with a little present. Obviously touched by that, she continues the show which the audience enjoys indeed. Musically Underskin are quite convincing, although the Hardrock songs sound a bit too much alike. Her voice is great and the songs are quite catchy, but they don’t have a major hit song yet.

When the first notes of CoreLeoni blast through the speakers, the hall is filling up – a number of those 500-700 people preferred to stay outside in the food area to enjoy the summer evening. Admittedly the CoreLeoni CD could not quite convince me, but live they kick ass! Singer Ronnie Romero and all in the band give a brilliant performance, and I decided to follow this singer more closely in the future – what a fantastic voice, what stamina! Many might know him already via Rainbow and Lords of Black – I haven’t heard of  him before. He and Leo Leoni led us through the show with a lot of wit and Charme, so that everybody on and in front of stage had a lot of fun. What is left to say: Go and watch CoreLeoni live, no Hard Rock Fan will be disappointed!

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