Tarja / Teodasia

This is an evening for the ladies: The Grande-Dame of Symphonic-Metal Tarja Turunen is accompanied by Teodasia, who are pretty unknown to me. Which means once again off we go to Z7.

Teodasia enter the stage pretty early, first the males for an introduction, then also front lady Giulia. This band from Venice, Italy, supports all 7 Tarja shows. How come? I´d really like to know, because they are the worst support act for Tarja so far. However, I have to mention that the mixing is a disaster, e.g. The drums were way too loud for Giulia´s tender voice. Musically Teodasia are on a good way, a bit more work on their songs and they might inspire the audience. This time it does not work here, there are a few (male) hands in the air, but probably because they like the front person, not her singing. The voice is insecure and you hear problems when switching from lower to higher registers. Unfortunately the difference between CD/Videos and live show are huge. But Giulia makes up for it with her agility hand having fun on stage, even though people are not so much into the band. There is room for improvement also when it comes to styling, and I am sure more rehearsals also do the trick for the voice. Less jumping and more stability in the voice next time. Don´t give up!!

After a short chageover behind the usual Tarja curtain the show starts already at 21h with the song „In for a Kill“; the curtain is dropped after a few notes. A stunning beauty all in black – I have not seen her so happy for a while, it seems that having daughter Naomi, now more than 1 year old, is good for her. The smile on Tarja´s face will not fade the whole evening, despite some technical problems (e.g. Losing the In-Ear monitor and micro). A few glitches in the lyrics or her pitch she just laughes away, she no longer pays too much attention to sing everything perfectly, as she did with Nightwish. This creates a much more relaxed atmosphere on stage, such glitches don´t matter at all.

Besides Tarja it´s again Alex Scholpp, Kristian Kretschmar, Max Lilja and Mike Terrana on stage, the „rookie“ in the line up is Anna Portalupi on bass – she is small but a true pro who impressively rocks her 5string. Max Lilja and Alex Schlopp display their cheerful mood, while Alex whirls around on stage, Max rocks off so violently I have never seen before. Keep it up Max! The setlist is a positive surprise, containing only Tarja songs – the only exception „I wish I had an Angel“ – and a good mix of all her 3 albums. This lady manages to give me gooseflesh every time, and throughout those 90min showtime. Even though not everything is perfect, it´s her warmth, her emotional singing and her entertainment skills that make Ms. Turunen absolutely unique and her performances awesome – 10 elks for Tarja, this is how a concert should be!

Sandy Mahrer

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