GOD FORSAKEN – Demo 2024

God Forsaken from Finland were one of the formative bands of the death/doom metal genre in the 90s and set more than just a mark with “Dismal Gleams Of Desolation” (1992) and “The Tide Has Turned” (1995). After that, things went quiet for the men from the land of a thousand lakes and it wasn’t until the beginning of the new millennium that they showed signs of life with “Tomorrow Is Never” and “Electric Release”, which were more in the stoner than the usual death/doom direction.

After a very, very long break, God Forsaken are now back with “Demo 2024” where the doom metal fan receives a heavy, slow treat with deep guitars and coarse growls, as befits doom standards. “We All Die” demonstrates this impressively and proves that God Forsaken have not forgotten anything. The following “Sorrow” is very catchy and grooves without end. The guitars determine the song structure here and the skilfully integrated disharmonies show that God Forsaken are excellent songwriters.

At the end of “Demo 2024”, the Finns hit you with a real heavy doom metal hammer: “Fall Into Emptiness” is a song you are inclined to listen over and over again. It begins with very beautiful acoustic guitars and singer Mika adds a high recognition value with his deep growls, before the song is concluded with a lot of harmony and acoustic instruments.

God Forsaken have returned and found their way back to their old style. According to singer Mika Hankaniemi, a studio has already been booked for the end of this year and they hope to be able to unleash the new longplayer on the death/doom community in autumn 2025 at the latest. You can really be very excited, because with “Demo 2024” God Forsaken really make fans want more!!!

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