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Fresh Act: ELUKAS

In late 2021, Elukas started as a 5-member punk-rock band in Estonia with the main goal to write, record and perform their own music.

How would you describe your musical style, and how did this style develop? What are your musical roots and influences?
We started as a punk rock band, but our songwriting has evolved and we are often categorised as a metal band. One of the recent descriptions that suits us very well is “punk meets NWOBHM” (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). We feel this is quite descriptive of our musical style. The style has developed naturally as each band member has their favourites which have influenced songwriting as well. We have been influenced by old punk bands and new punk bands. The same goes for rock and metal. As we write the songs ourselves this gives us also freedom to melt and mix different influences and styles. Overall, there isn’t a song that doesn’t fit our band. If we like a song written by somebody else, we just make it our own and perform it anyway.

Was it a particular incident or song that inspired you to become a musician?
For most band members it was a concert experience at a young age that made us think “I want to do that too”.

After recording 3 singles at Sinusoid studio, bass player Mikk decided to leave the band and the temporary fill-in Alan became a permanent member. The singles were released in late 2022: “Metanoia”, “Hullumaja Puhvet” and “Ajurünnak”, the latter was voted to the December 2022 TOP-5 of the Estonian radio station RockFM by radio listeners. The same single reached the 3rd place in the Estonian Rock Anthem of the Year music category and was chosen as the debut of the week by estonian radio station Raadio2.

Where do you get your inspiration from, and are your songs created as teamwork?
We either have somebody in the band who has already written an instrumental song at home and then we start working on it in a rehearsal or at “band camp”. Many of the song parts with melodies are first written by our singer at home on an acoustic guitar, and then we turn those songs into Elukas-sounding songs together as a band.

At the end of February 2022, the band moved into the studio (actually the drummer’s 40+-year-old summerhouse inherited from his grandparents) to record 5 songs in one week for their debut EP “Loomad Koos” The first single “Vein” was voted to the Top 5 best new rock songs by Estonian radio station RockFM listeners in April 2023. The EP is now available worldwide via legendary Italian label WormHoleDeath.

The band’s singer and songwriter Karl tells us more about the background of some songs:
Raudilves – “Iron lynx”
Is a story about good people. Humans turn bad because of how they are treated.
Evil creates evil. There are no inherently bad people. Iron lynx is an animal who can remain good and full of love despite the bad things done to one.

Elukas - Raudilves (Official video)


Is about having doubt in your own beliefs. It’s easy to fight with the world. It’s very difficult to fight with yourself.

Metanoia (Single)


Naturaalne Narkar – “Natural Junkie”
Animals are very susceptible to dopamine injections. Its easy to get carried away by something that gives you instant relief. Give a rabbit a safe enironment with infinite carrots… and suddenly you don’t have anymore rabbits.

Elukas - Naturaalne Narkar (lyric video)


What are you doing ”in real life”, when you are not making music?
We all have our jobs at very different places. Our bass player Alan is involved with music even if he’s not making music. Our rhythm guitar player Raido is dealing with metal every day. The drummer is fucking the band manager on a daily basis and he is also UX designer. On a daily basis the singer works in land improvement. Our lead guitarist Sten sells strategic advertising space in the print and digital media sphere.

What is it like in Estonia to be a Rock / Punk / Metal band, and has something changed in recent years?
In Estonia, to perform and reach a larger audience as a punk-metal band you have to work hard and work with the band with dedication. The disadvantage can be the smallness of the audience, and as a result, you have to find a niche in which to stand out.
In recent years the punk/rock/metal scene has experienced a resurgence. More events are taking place. Quite a bit of new bands have entered the scene and old bands have also become a bit more active again. It was a very difficult time roughly 4-5 years ago when the scene was in a bit of a coma state. One very big change and advantage is that some people in the scene started Heavy Music Estonia a year or so ago, which organises events and advocates a lot for the scene in the music business, both locally and internationally.

So far, Elukas has performed more than 30 concerts, including the Barbar Feast 2023 festival and the Heavy Music Estonia showcase day in October 2023, and made its first mini-tour in the Baltcs this March this year. They will be live on stage pretty soon again:

Alan Urva – bass / backing vocals
Hans Tort – drums
Karl Kärpuk – lead vocals
Sten Olof Abram – guitar / backing vocals
Raido Krutto – guitar / backing vocals


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